Adriana von Franqué

"...die junge Pianistin Adriana von Franqué [eröffnete...] mit einem intensiven und bewegenden Konzert..."

"...the young pianist Adriana von Franqué [opened...] with an intensive and moving concert..."


Passion and curiosity describe the young German-Bolivian pianist Adriana von Franqué best. With her natural charisma and enthralling moderations she captures the audience‘s imagination. Sustainable development in the classical concert scene is an important personal matter to her which is why she steadily works on new concepts for extraordinary and topical concert formats.

Adriana von Franqué was born in Berlin in 1993. She is a multiple prize winner of the German music competition “Jugend Musiziert“ and got rewarded with the Butterfly Communications Piano Prize, with the Classical Prize of the Rotary Club Berlin and with the second prize at the Elise Meyer Competition Hamburg of 2017.

Her concert performances led her to venues in Germany, Poland, France, Bolivia, Austria and the United States of America. She had soloist appearances at music festivals as "Wedeler Musiktage“, "Bergedorfer Musiktage“ and she also participated as a refined chamber musician at "Klang der Unruhe“, "Joie de vivre" Vienna and in the chamber music series of Herrenhaus Borstel.

In 2015 she inaugurated an exhibiton at the Museum for Communication Berlin alongside the former president of Germany, Joachim Gauck. Her collaboration with "Billstedt Classics“, a concert series for children of socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Hamburg, was broadcasted on German television by NDR Hamburg Journal in 2017.

As a very passionate and curious young artist she steadily works on new concepts for extraordinary and topical concert formats. On these grounds she loves to interact with the audience and to speak about her programs during her performances. In 2019 she organised her own innovative concert project at "CLAB Festival Hamburg“.

In the 2022/23 season, she will be performing her developed and moderated solo program "Filigrane" in Hamburg, Bad Homburg, Berlin, and La Paz (Bolivia), focusing on piano works from the Romantic and Modern periods that originated in Paris. Additionally, she will make two debuts with Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major, K. 414 - in December 2022 with the Neue Philharmonie Berlin under the direction of Jürgen Trinkewitz, and in March 2023 with the National Orchestra of Bolivia under the direction of Weimar Arancibia.

Adriana von Franqué studied with Prof. Hubert Rutkowski and Prof. Aleksandar Madžar at the University of Music and Drama Hamburg. She also received valuable artistic impulses from Prof. Georg Sava, Prof. Grigory Gruzman, Prof. Pavel Nersessian, Prof. Rena Shereshevskaya, Prof. Sergei Ossipenko, Prof. Bernd Goetzke, Prof. Hinrich Alpers, Katia Veekmans, and Prof. Niklas Schmidt (Trio Fontenay).

Adriana von Franqué currently lives in Berlin as a freelance pianist and was recently a scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Before that, she was funded by the Cologne Gymnasial- and Stiftungsfonds and the Rotary Club Hamburg-Steintor. She is a member of ¡RIMA!, a network of Ibero-American musicians promoting classical music from their countries of origin.

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"...ihr eleganter Ausdruck bezaubert die Zuhörer..."

"...her elegant expression enchants the audience..."







30.03.2023: Adriana von Franqué makes her debut with National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia playing Mozart Concerto No. 12 in A major KV 414 under the baton of Weimar Arancibia.

29.03.2023: Concerts in Bolivia: Live interview on Bolivia TV with Weimar Arancibia.

11.12.2022: Debut with Neue Philharmonie Berlin playing Mozart Concerto No. 12 in A major KV 414 under the baton of Jürgen Trinkewitz.

01.12.2022: Adriana von Franqué is featured in the advent calendar of the International César Franck Society talking about César Franck's Prélude, Choral et Fugue.

01.12.2022: New YouTube video! César Franck's Prélude, Choral et Fugue is out now on YouTube!

16.11.2022: Review of Adriana von Franqué's piano recital at Kurhaus Bad Homburg on .

"...Während ihres temperamentvollen Spiels wird klar, warum sie mehrfache Preisträgerin bei „Jugend Musiziert“ war und den Klassik-Preis des Rotary Club Berlin und des Butterfly Communications Piano Prize erhielt. Ihr eleganter Ausdruck bezaubert die Zuhörer und ihre Sicherheit erzählt von einer aktiven Bühnentätigkeit."

"...During her spirited performance it becomes clear why she was a multiple prize winner on „Jugend Musiziert“ and why she won the Classical Prize of the Rotary Club Berlin and the Butterfly Communications Piano Prize. Her elegant expression enchants the audience and her certainty tells of a good stage activity..."

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